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04112 m. Kyiv, vul. Sikorskoho, 8, of. 4

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04112 m. Kyiv, vul. Sikorskoho, 8, of. 4


+38 (044) 4560030
+38 (044) 4555750
+38 (050) 7225211


+38 (044) 4555750


Kapustyna Yryna Konstantynovna - director

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+38 (044) 4555750

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Пн: 09.00 - 18.00

Вт: 09.00 - 18.00

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Чт: 09.00 - 18.00

Пт: 09.00 - 18.00

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Рік заснування: 2010

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Про компанію

INDUSTRIE-KONTOR GmbH, Germany, represented by a INDUKO-UKRAINE LLC is the official representative in Ukraine of european companies specializing in trading of manufacturing and packaging equipment for plastic, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
INDUSTRIE-KONTOR GmbH was established in 1971 and is a trading company with sales in the world market of used and refurbished equipment for the production of aluminum, laminate and plastic tubes, aluminum aerosol cans and extruded aluminum parts. Since 2000 we have been supplying second-hand extruders, thermoforming and printing machines for the production of yoghurt and disposable drinking cups.
INDUSTRIE-KONTOR GmbH sells reconditioned equipment as well as spare parts and consumables for it. Among our clients leading manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, disposable tableware, packaging, various sheet plastic, tubes, spray cans, plastic cups, containers and many other products.

We provide effective assistance in installation and commissioning of the equipment. We represent exclusively in Ukraine and rely on the support of well-known manufacturers, such as:

AISA, Switzerland - machines for manufacturing laminate and plastic tubes for cosmetics, food and other uses.

BREYER, Germany - precision extrusion lines for the production of cellular and reinforced polycarbonate, technical sheets, optical and noise insulation sheets, different films.

SPRIMAG, Germany - Machinery for the internal coating of aluminum and aerosol cans.

POLYTYPE Converting, Switzerland - line lamination, varnishing and laminating film, paper and foil.

POLYTYPE Decorating, Switzerland - machine printing on plastic tubam, jars, containers and lids.

MALL HERLAN GmbH, Germany - production line for aluminum tubes and aerosol cans.

OLSA, Italy - vacuum mixers, homogenizers (reactors for the production of creams, toothpaste, gels, shampoos, etc.), equipment for pharmacy - water distillers, generators purified steam sterilization autoclaves, vacuum dryers, sterilizers and hot air drying unit , mixers.

MOSS srl, Italy - automatic lines and shelkograficheskie offset printing.

WM WRAPPING MACHINERY, Switzerland - automatic lines for thermoforming plastic cups, containers and lids.

BORTOLIN KEMO, Italy - manufacture and assembly of metal beverage and wine caps.

GOEBEL GmbH, Germany - automated line slitting and rewinding film, paper and foil.

NGR, Austria - a new generation of equipment for processing plastic waste pelleting.

BANDERA, Italy - extrusion lines for blown films of various polymers.

BFM, Italy - machines for manufacturing all kinds of plastic bags and car flexoprinting on film materials.

MADAG Printing Systems AG, Switzerland - hot stamping machine on tubam plastic, metal and plastic vodka and wine bottles and caps.

LEISTRITZ GmbH, Germany - line for the production of compounds and colorants for plastics industry.

We offer:

Large selection of different machines such as presses, lathes, oven drying and annealing tubes, oven drying internal lacquer coating machine inside, lakerovochni and printing machines, konusoobrazuyuschie and packaging machines for the production of aluminum, laminate and plastic tubes, aluminum aerosol cans and stamped aluminum parts.

Complete production line for aluminum tubes and aerosol cans.

Wide range of equipment for the production of yogurt cups (printing machines, termoform machines, extruders, tools, etc.).

Redeployment, modernization, partial or complete repair of equipment.

Spare parts for machinery.


Wholesale and retail trade of new and / at packing equipment for plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries for the production of packaging equipment, equipment for processing of polymers.

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